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National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers (Indicators)

An attempt to provide some sample indicators for assessing one’s progress toward the core and specialized competencies is a new feature of this edition of the National Certification Standards. The indicators have been developed and provided solely as a resource for people using the standards, so they should be understood to be “suggestive” rather than “definitive.” Thus, the indicators are not formally part of the standards, nor are they specific requirements that must be met by those applying for certification.

The indicators can be read as statements to help clarify the meaning of the core competencies; they can also, and even more importantly, serve to point out some of the possible ways in which applicants for certification might demonstrate their competence, or to suggest sample criteria which the certification review committees could recognize as evidence that an applicant has demonstrated competence.

The list of indicators is not intended to be inclusive, as though an applicant needed to demonstrate all of them. Nor is the list meant to be exclusive and exhaustive, as though these and only these indicators will be accepted as evidence of competence. Rather, these indicators are merely representative, giving a few examples of what could indicate competence. They are only suggestive, leaving candidates for certification free to identify and present, as evidence of their competence, indicators more relevant to their cultural context or ministerial experience.

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