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Why Should I Be Certified?

Affirmation & Credibility: Certification is a chance for you to be affirmed and lifted up in your ministry and to have your ministry professionally acknowledged by an outside authority. It is an acknowledgement of your pastoral and professional competence in ministry relative to national standards. As such, being certified enhances your credibility as a lay ecclesial minister and the credibility of your field of ministry.

Identity & Connection: Certification is an opportunity for you to affirm your commitment to ministry in the Church. It also offers you a professional identity within your field and a connection with the national ministerial organization for your field.

Portable Credential: National certification provides a professional credential that is portable to other dioceses around the country. Having a nationally recognized credential can assist you in securing a new ministry position if you should choose to relocate.

Development of Your Field: Becoming certified is one way for you to be an agent of change and contribute to the development and strengthening of your field. Receiving certification may not have an immediate, positive effect on your salary; however, dioceses that have been certifying lay ecclesial ministers for a few years are beginning to report that certification is becoming a factor that leads to higher salaries...and this bodes well for the future! Your participation in this process supports the building of a “culture of competence” in lay ecclesial ministry and helps to raise the bar for competent, faithful and professional ministry with the People of God.

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