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ACLEM Membership and Certification Process Application

To begin your Application (registration into the LEM Certification site) choose your current status:

  • Applicant-beginning the certification process application-Applications can be completed as time allows and are due completed for review and acceptance October 1 and February 1. THIS IS THE PLACE TO START.
  • Candidate-(needs approval from Admin) Application has been approved and portfolio is being built.  You have one year from application date to complete your portfolio for review or to ask for an extension.
  • Certified-(needs approval from Admin)-Portfolio has been reviewed and certification granted. Needs to be renewed every 7 years.
  • Alliance Member or Alliance Member who is Certified-(needs approval from Admin) This type of membership give accesses to the platform for the Alliance Commission, Review Committee Members and Partner Certification Commission members only.  (These members need to download and sign then upload the Code of Confidentiality found here)

The Process

  1. Apply for certification by creating a membership and uploading appropriate documentation. 
    Pay the $95 application fee.
  2. APPLICATION is reviewed by your organization's Partner Certification Review Committee (PCRC)
  3. When application is approved by the PCRC you become a CANDIDATE for certification. 
  4. Begin creating your PORTFOLIO by uploading assessments, documents and your integration paper.
    Pay the $165 candidacy fee.
  5. When complete, your PORTFOLIO is reviewed by your PCRC. The PCRC may ask for more information or offer guidance to strengthen your portfolio.
  6. Then the portfolio is forwarded to the National Certification Review Committee (NCRC) and then to the Alliance Commission for final approval.